Abbey Clancy's third child will be her last.

Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy

Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy

The 'America's Next Top Model' star and her soccer player husband Peter Crouch already have two daughters Sophia, six, and Liberty, two, together, and are currently expecting their third baby.

The stunning 31-year-old blonde hasn't been putting pressure on herself to stay in shape during her pregnancy because she wants to "embrace" the experience as she knows she won't be going through it again.

Speaking to the new issue of OK! magazine, she said: "I haven't [been exercising], only because I think I've got enough running around to do with a two and a six year old, and I've been really sick and working. "When I come home, I just want to get my pyjamas and slippers on and chill. I think this will be the last baby I have so I just want to embrace it. I try not to get too hung up about my body changing, because it's natural and I think it's a healthy sign if you're growing with the baby."

The couple's oldest daughter Sophia is very excited about having another sibling, but Abbey admits Liberty doesn't seem too bothered about becoming a big sister.

Abbey said: "Sophia is [excited]. I think she'll enjoy this one more because she was still a baby when I had Lib. But Liberty doesn't get it as much. She's just like, 'Mum, your belly is big.' She's only just two. I actually brought her to the scan and because it's in black and white she said, 'The baby's in the dark.'

"I don't think they mind if it's [a boy or a girl]. A girl would be handy because I've still got everything pink, but as long as it's healthy, I don't mind. I think Pete would like a boy but he can't choose."