Ashley Graham thinks raising three kids and managing her career is like "running a marathon everyday".

Ashley Graham has disussed her parental struggles

Ashley Graham has disussed her parental struggles

The 34-year-old model - who has Isaac, two, and five-month-old twins Malachi and Roman with husband Justin Ervin - admits it's difficult to find the ideal work-life balance.

Speaking about her morning routine, Ashley shared: "I brush my teeth and go downstairs to make coffee and, if I’m hungry, have fruit or something light.

"Then, I’ll make my two-year-old’s oatmeal. He’s obsessed. He even eats it dry - he calls it 'little oatmeal', and then cooked oatmeal is 'big oatmeal'. So I make sure to have a bowl of cooked and another of dry, because I don’t know what kind of mood he’s going to wake up in.

"Then, if the twins are still asleep, I try to do a little stretch to get my body warmed up for the day, because managing three kids and working is basically like running a marathon everyday. By seven o’clock, I’m on my second cup of coffee."

Ashley faces a different challenge everyday in her career. However, the brunette beauty loves getting home at the end of the working day and relaxing alongside her husband.

She told The Cut: "There are no typical days for me, truly, which is why I love my job so much.

"Today I’m in Brooklyn shooting content and getting all my TikToks together, then I’m headed over to the West Side for a big shoot.

"I’ll probably be on set until seven o’clock tonight. I’ll get home around eight o’clock, and everybody should be in bed by then. What’ll be nice is I’ll come home, decompress, have a glass of wine with my husband, do a feed with the twins at ten o’clock, and then I’ll go to sleep."

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