Ashley Graham believes there's "nothing wrong with rejection".

Ashley Graham doesn't fear rejection

Ashley Graham doesn't fear rejection

The 36-year-old beauty has faced rejection at various points in her modelling career - but she's always manged to overcome setbacks.

Ashley - who stars alongside Emma Grede, the CEO of Good American, on the TV series 'Side Hustlers' - told 'CBS Mornings': "I think it's part of the business. I think there's nothing wrong with rejection. It makes your skin a little bit thicker and it actually helps you to get to the end goal as well."

Ashley and Emma both perform the roles of would-be investors on their TV show.

And the brunette beauty insists she doesn't worry about being brutally honest with the contestants.

Ashley explained: "We're not just investing in an idea.

"We're investing in a founder and the woman behind the idea. And if we're going to met with challenges along the way, with giving our unsolicited advice and giving them our encouragement ... giving them our time and our money at the end of the day, they need to listen."

'Side Hustlers' has already been renewed for a second season, and the celebrity duo are both looking forward to the challenge.

Emma said in a statement: "Working with the extraordinary women of season one to turn their dreams into realities was an unforgettable experience, and we can’t wait for viewers to see what we have in store for season two, along with Roku, Hello Sunshine, and Ally."

Meanwhile, Brian Tannenbaum - the head of originals at Roku Media - is also thrilled to have secured a second season.

He said: "We could not be more thrilled with the reaction our viewers have already shown 'Side Hustlers', and we look forward to partnering with Emma Grede, Ashley Graham, and the phenomenal teams at Hello Sunshine and Ally to bring viewers another high-stakes season full of heart and unforgettable stories later this year."

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