Britney Spears was in "really good spirits" when she went out to dinner with J Balvin and Maluma.

Britney Spears was spotted having dinner with Maluma and J Balvin in October

Britney Spears was spotted having dinner with Maluma and J Balvin in October

The 41`-year-old pop superstar - who regained control of her multimillion-dollar fortune and various aspects of her life when a conservatorship governed by her family was terminated in 2021 - was spotted having dinner with fellow singers J Balvin and Maluma at Zero Bond in New York last month and now the former has revealed what they spoke about on their night out together.

He told E! News: "We told her how proud we are about her. You know, like she's part of us, and we were in love with her. No matter what position you are in music you gotta give respect for what they have done."

At the time, 'Hawai' hitmaker Maluma gushed about being "in love" with Britney as the three of them posed for a snap which he later posted to Instagram.

He said: "Quien así como yo en el amor?", which translates as "Who like me is in love?"

But Britney joked that she had "no idea" who either of them were.

In her own Instagram post - which has since been deleted - she wrote: "Quick trip to NY… I had no idea who these boys were at this restaurant!"

During their time at Zero Bond, the trio are thought to have enjoyed a late-night sushi dinner together and are said to have also discussed Britney's bombshell memoir 'The Woman in Me' as well as her potential return to music.

A source told PageSix: "The guys flagged her down, and she and her group joined them. Everyone was in good spirits. Britney was all smiles and so happy to be back in New York for the first time in a while."

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