Barbra Streisand never has time to listen to music.

Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand

The legendary singer/songwriter admits she barely listens to chart songs as she is too busy working on her own tracks but thinks Taylor Swift is brilliant for standing up to Apple Music and demanding they pay artists when someone streams their songs during the three month trial period when using the music service.

Of Taylor's decision to fight the corporation, she shared: "I loved it. By the way, she and I are the only people who had platinum albums last year. Isn't that fun?

"I love that! But I don't have time [to listen to new music.] Because I'm working on music now, I never even put music on in my car. I can't."

The 73-year-old songstress also revealed she loves to work on her albums and credits her "wonderful team" for making every second enjoyable.

She added to the Hollywood Reporter: "I love doing my albums because I have a wonderful team that I work with. I have this idea for the album that I can't talk about yet.

"But there's no ego in it. It's like, I'll say something, they come up with something, and, 'Oh! Ah! Go to the piano and try this!' It's like doing a play."