The Batman prequel series on HBO Max has been “put on hold”.

The Batman prequel has been paused for now by HBO Max

The Batman prequel has been paused for now by HBO Max

Matt Reeves, the director of the new DC adaptation - starring Robert Pattinson in the title role - quashed the rumours of the show.

Speaking to Josh Horowitz on the ‘Happy, Sad, Confused podcast on Monday (07.03.22), the 55-year-old filmmaker said: "One thing that we're not doing that I was gonna do… So, there's the Gotham police show, which, that one actually is put on hold. We’re not really doing that.”

The series - which would follow Gotham City Police - “wasn’t going to be a Batman story”.

Matt said: “It wasn't going to be a Batman story. It was going to be about this corrupt cop, and it was going to be about how the worst gang in Gotham were the GCPD. And [Bruce] would have touched paths with [Commissioner] Gordon. It would have been someone to measure him against, but it would be a battle for his soul."

The ‘Cloverfield’ director claimed that the streaming service liked some of the ideas, but not about a corrupt cop.

He said: "They didn't not like the idea, they just wanted to center a show on a character who was more—I get it, so maybe someday we'll do that show.'"

According to previous reports, the series had been in development for years after it was picked up in 2020 and had Terrence Winter - who created ‘Boardwalk Empire - was named as the executive producer, until he departed due to artistic differences.

Despite this project being shelved for now, HBO Max is still going ahead with the Penguin prequel.

Colin Farrell - who played the role in the new movie - confirmed the news, speculating that the series will run “six to eight hours”.

Last weekend, the movie - which took in $134 million at the US box office - became the highest-grossest movie of 2022 so far, three days after opening.