Bono's wife is a "mysterious figure".

Ali Hewson and Bono have been married almost 40 years

Ali Hewson and Bono have been married almost 40 years

The U2 frontman will celebrate 40 years of marriage to Ali Hewson - with whom he has - with whom he has daughters Jordan, 32, and Eve, 30, and sons Elijah, 22, and John, 20 - next summer but he admitted there's still a lot he doesn't know about her, even after all these years.

His 'Sing 2' co-star Scarlett Johansson said: "Just knowing somebody for that long intimately is crazy. Do you still discover new things about each other?"

Bono replied: "Yeah, she's hard to know. She's a mysterious figure. There's a lot to learn about her still. Yea, we're still finding out more and more about each other. Most of it is good."

The 'Beautiful Day' singer also gushed about his children and admitted it's his youngest son who rules the roost.

Appearing on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show', he said: "He's kind of like the boss of the family. He's got one leg left. He's going to college."

And the 61-year-old star is proud of his other son, Inhaler frontman Elijah.

He said of him: "[He's] off around the world when he can because he's in a band.

"He wants to burn down the pop charts for rock and roll."

Bono praised 'Behind Her Eyes' star Eve's acting success and joked Jordan will probably "run the United Nations" one day.

Eve previously revealed she became an actress because making music like her father does felt like "work".

Speaking about her career change, she explained: "I thought I was going to go into music, but I was terrible at practising. When I started acting, I realised I could spend all day long going over lines, reading scripts, doing different exercises, and it didn’t feel like work at all. Practising music did."

Despite forging a successful career, Eve's parents were a bit fearful that she'd go off the rails in Hollywood when she found fame.

She added: "There was the fear that I would go off to LA and become some celebrity kid running around on Rodeo Drive. I think any parent bringing up a kid in a certain lifestyle would have those fears."

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