Britney Spears is hoping her broken right foot will heal without having to undergo surgery.

Britney Spears is hoping she won't need surgery on her foot

Britney Spears is hoping she won't need surgery on her foot

The 42-year-old pop star claims to have hurt herself in a fall at the Chateau Marmont hotel in Los Angeles on May 2 and was seen being tended to by paramedics, and she has now revealed her foot is still swollen and painful but she's hoping she won't need an operation on it because she's had painful experiences with injuries in the past.

In a post on Instagram, she wrote: "Walking on a broken foot … if I go fast it goes numb ... [I previously had surgery] twice for my knee and once for my foot. “They always said it can heal on its own but theres a huge chance it can snap and break again.

"Well I always did the surgeries and it was more painful afterwards so I’m being stubborn this time ... I’m gonna see if my body knows how to heal itself."

Britney previously faced reports she was involved in a bust-up with rumoured boyfriend Paul Richard Soliz on the night she injured her foot after she was pictured barefoot and dressed only in her underwear coming out of the Chateau Marmont and being tended to by medics.

But the 'Toxic' singer later insisted she hurt herself in a fall. Britney shared a video of her swollen ankle on Instagram and explained: "I really twisted my ankle last night like an idiot - just to show proof. It’s so bad ... Idiot here tries to do a leap in the living room of the Chateau and I fell - embarrassed myself - and that’s it. "Paramedics came to my door immediately. Of course, caused this huge scene, which was so unnecessary and all I needed was ice. "It is actually pretty bad but [stuff] happens."

In a subsequent post, Britney denied claims she was having a breakdown when she was caught on camera outside in a state of undress.

She explained: "I honestly wish my life was as wild as it has been portrayed !!! Either way, some s– actually has happened to my foot and I might have to get surgery … fingers crossed, hopefully not but I feel that I was harassed and gaslit and tricked to go on the street when my car was supposed to be there !!!

"I was in my pyjamas and yes, I had been crying because I hurt my foot !!! No breakdown !!!

"I’m a grown a– woman who is actually very naive in most situations !!! I am simply embarrassed they got me in my damn pyjamas !!! I don’t feel loved … I feel mistreated !!! With that said, I’m going to treat myself this week !!!"

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