Brooklyn Beckham carries around thousands of labels personalised by Nicola Peltz.

Brooklyn Beckham has label messages from Nicola Peltz

Brooklyn Beckham has label messages from Nicola Peltz

The 23-year-old aspiring chef has an "obsession" with the feel of clothing tags, so his fiancee arranged to have love notes printed on the strips of fabric, and he takes them everywhere with him.

Showing the contents of his bag in a video for British Vogue magazine, he explained: "I have a label obsession and I'm going to go into more detail because it sounds ridiculous.

"These are labels my missus bought me and she personalised them.

"When I say label obsession, i have a thing with the feeling of them since I was a really young baby, I've always been obsessed with these in like the side of my shirts.

"Even when I was playing football as a young kid, and I had my football kit on and there was some, my dad always had to cut them out because it was distracting.

"My fiancee bought 10,000 of these and put them in a big bag and they go everywhere with me."

Brooklyn then held one of the printed labels up to the camera.

It read: "Rub for worries but don't worry because I'm always right here with you.

"I love you with all my heart baby and I promise we can get through anything together."

Last January, Brooklyn had a love note from Nicola tattooed on the back of his neck, but after realising its positioning left him with no way of reading the text, he how keeps the message in his wallet.

He said: "Not everyone has a love note from their other half, which I always keep on me, which I have tattooed on the back of my neck actually.

"It says 'Read this any time'. I realised after I tattooed it on myself that I can't see it on my back of the neck, but its something I always keep in my wallet, always keep it very close to me."

Brooklyn - who is the eldest son of David and Victoria Beckham - has changed his drinking habits since being with Nicola because her preference for very hot rooms means he now favours cold drinks.

Showing off the tea bags in his bag, he said: "Being born in England, everyone drinks a lot of tea. And actually, I don't drink much tea now because my fiancee makes it 90 degrees in the room and so now I have a gin and tonic instead of going to tea because I sweat very easily but I do love English breakfast tea, so good."

Not only did Nicola give her fiance his personalised bag as a gift, she also helps him to pack it everyday.

He admitted: "I used to not carry a bag around until I met my fiance. she helps me make my bag every morning so I don't forget stuff."