Brooklyn Beckham has added to his body art collection by having a love letter written by his wife Nicola Peltz tattooed in full across his back.

Brooklyn Beckham has had a love letter written by his wife Nicola tattooed on his back

Brooklyn Beckham has had a love letter written by his wife Nicola tattooed on his back

Victoria and David Beckham's eldest son already has several inkings dedicated to his partner - who he married in Florida in 2022 - and the 25-year-old aspiring chef has now gone under the needle again to have Nicola's words transcribed onto his back after she wrote him a sweet note declaring her love for him prior to their marriage.

The words have been inked on Brooklyn's back under the image of Nicola's eyes on her neck with the letter addressed to "My forever boy".

Nicola added: "Read this anytime you feel anxious. I want you to know how deeply loved you are. You have the kindest heart I’ve ever met and hope I never go a day without your love.

"I think you are so incredible. Just know we can get through it all together if you breathe slow and trust. I love you beyond."

The note is signed off: "Love always, your future wifey."

It comes after Brooklyn opened up about the date nights he puts together for Nicola revealing he takes inspiration from his famous parents by cooking her fresh pasta.

As part of his partnership with Uber Eats, Brooklyn said: "My pasta is perfect for date night, it's something I've cooked for my wife [Nicola Peltz] on our date nights, something that my dad has cooked for my mum."

In a new video as part of the campaign, the star was seen rustling up some meaty tomato pasta. Although he recently insisted Nicola, 29, "can't cook to save her life", he has been teaching her his culinary ways. He added: "My favourite food is comfort food. I taught my wife how to make pasta. Yeah she really enjoys it."

Brooklyn recently revealed how his dad helped hone his own passion for cooking.

He told the Sunday Times newspaper: "My dad was always the one cooking in the house, my mum not so much. "I just loved hanging out with him in the kitchen, I loved the smell of food."