Cara Delevingne has £42 million in assets.

Cara Delevingne has £42 million in assets

Cara Delevingne has £42 million in assets

Britain’s highest-paid supermodel’s wealth was revealed in new accounts reported by the Mail on Sunday (02.10.22), which took into account her two subsidiary companies in America, Cara and Co (US) Inc and Hot Mess Industries LLC.

Last month Cara’s sister Chloe, 37, travelled to Los Angeles after the model’s family became alarmed when photographs including one showing Cara’s feet dangling from a car emerged amid reports she was displaying “erratic behaviour”.

Cara, 30, received bumper dividends from her modelling firm Cara and Co (US), which she runs with her dad Charles.

But accounts from Companies House showing her cash reserves warned: “Risk of reputation rising from negative publicity... may result in a loss of contracts and thus reduction in revenue.”

It was reported in February Cara had taken her fortune to £100million at the age of only 29.

The Sun revealed her family’s property firm, of which she is a director, has soared in value by £5.5 million to £46.9 million in one year.

She had £47.6 million in Cara Co, which she uses to handle her huge paydays from her acting, modelling and brand endorsements.

The Sun calculated it took her net fortune to £94.5 million, making her richer than celebrities around her age including Harry Styles, 28, who is said to be worth around £75 million.

Cara, who turned 30 in August, started modelling aged 10 and has added to her wealth by last year launching premium prosecco company Della Vite with sisters Poppy, 35, and Chloe.

In 2020 Cara said about wealth: “Money is not everything. You get to the point where you’re like, ‘Oh, I’ve made money but I’m so deeply unhappy and alone’.”