Princess Eugenie approved the outfit Cara Delevingne wore to her wedding.

Cara Delevingne at Princess Eugenie's wedding

Cara Delevingne at Princess Eugenie's wedding

The 'Suicide Squad' actress caused a stir when she wore a top hat and tails to the nuptials of her royal pal to Jack Brooksbank last month but she admitted she sought permission before breaking the strict dress code.

In an interview with Grazia magazine, she said: "Eugenie has been a friend of mine since I was a kid and I've always wanted to wear tails. I texted her as I wasn't sure about it, and she was like, 'Of course, I expect nothing else from you.' "

But the 26-year-old catwalk star was surprised that her sartorial choice was seen as "brave" when she'd simply opted for something she felt comfortable in.

She said: "I found it interesting how many people came up to me and said, 'You're so brave to wear that!' I was like, really? I feel way more comfortable like this."

Although she is playing down her choice of wedding outfit, Cara does admit she loves to "break boundaries".

Speaking about her latest campaign for TAG Heuer - for which she has been photographed in front of a roaring lion - she said: "It's about standing up and showing how brave and how strong you are, especially as a woman. But it's also about how vulnerable you can be in that situation. I guess, for me, it's always about pushing the unknown and breaking boundaries. I live for things like that."

The 'Paper Towns' star recently admitted she would love to meet Eugenie's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, but doesn't think she'd be allowed to ask all the questions she's desperate to know the answers to from the monarch.

She said: "I love her so much. There are many things I need to ask her, but I wouldn't be allowed."