Cara Delevingne was ID'd for buying wine.

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne

The 'Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets' star suffered an embarrassing moment recently where a shopkeeper thought she looked 16-years-old and wouldn't sell her a bottle of wine so she had to get a fan to buy it for her.

Speaking on 'The Graham Norton Show', which airs on Friday (27.10.17) night on BBC One, she said: "The other day I went to the shop to buy a bottle of wine and I got ID'd because they said I looked 16.

"At the same time a fan in the queue asked for a picture - it was all so embarrassing and then I had to ask him to buy the wine for me! It was actually all very funny."

Meanwhile, Cara previously revealed she feels "blessed" to have great fans and loves being able to be a role model.

She said: "I'm very blessed to have a strong influence with young girls and teenagers. That's been my goal since I was younger, to be a role model, for young girls to be able to look up to me, because I'm following every single one of my dreams that I've had.

"There will always be people like that, no matter what. I think it's just another opportunity for me to stand my ground and prove I have done the work. I do work very hard and I'm determined to prove those people wrong."

Cara recently shaved her hair off for the movie 'Life in a Year', something which she admits was "really liberating".

She added: "When I did it [shaved her hair] for the part, I really wanted to be as dedicated and as authentic as I could be to the character. It's nice to not have to maintain your hair. We all get attachment to hair but it's just hair. It grows back.

"I feel like I definitely was more aware that you could pretty much hide behind your hair, but it was really liberating to realise that you don't need hair to be beautiful and to feel like a woman."

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