Cara Delevingne wants babies "so bad".

Cara Delevingne covers the new issue of Vogue

Cara Delevingne covers the new issue of Vogue

The 30-year-old model-and-actress - who has been sober for four months after checking into rehab last year - is planning to freeze her eggs in the near future but has longed to have a child of her own since she was a teenager, a longing she acknowledges stems from watching her mother battle addiction.

Cara - who is in a relationship with singer Leah Mason aka Minke - told the new issue of America's Vogue magazine: “I’ve wanted a kid since I was 16. I want babies so bad. Back then I would not have been ready, of course - I just wanted to replace the need to look after my mom with a kid of my own.”

The 'Only Murders in the Building' actress is currently taking life "second by second" and plans to be careful when it comes to her career as she needs to put her own wellbeing first.

She said: “Work is extremely important, but work is secondary because my self-work is the most important thing."

Cara is focusing on making "small changes" to her life as part of her sobriety and plans to quit smoking soon but thinks it would be "too much" at this stage of her recovery.

She said: “It’s the small things, because, my God, I wanted to quit smoking too, but right now it’s too much.

“At first I was exploring all the avenues, seeing what was best for me, seeing if medication was necessary. Putting everything - work, every obligation - aside and just asking myself, What do I need in this time?”

The 'Suicide Squad' star has found committing to the 12-step programme - a spiritual foundation for recovery - and the support groups that come with it particularly helpful.

She said: “Before I was always into the quick fix of healing, going to a weeklong retreat or to a course for trauma, say, and that helped for a minute, but it didn’t ever really get to the nitty-gritty, the deeper stuff.

"This time I realised that 12-step treatment was the best thing, and it was about not being ashamed of that. The community made a huge difference. The opposite of addiction is connection, and I really found that in 12-step.”

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