Cara Delevingne likes to see how "ugly" she can look in selfies.

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne

The 'Carnival Row' actress knows the tricks to taking a good picture on her own camera but finds it more fun to distort her appearance.

She said: "I like to see how ugly I can make my face.

"I challenge myself to see how many chins I can have.

"But the key to a good selfie is the angle - high is always better - and the lighting."

Cara - who is in a relationship with Ashley Benson - also likes to "challenge" her body in new ways so enjoys trying new workout classes.

She told Britain's Cosmopolitan magazine: "I like exploring and challenging my body in new ways.

"I've just learned how to tightrope walk, which I'm actually quite good at."

If she wasn't successful as an actress and model, the 27-year-old star would have liked to have been a children's therapist.

She said: "I'd be a therapist. I've always been very interested in psychology and anthropology and why people do what they do. I'd love to specialise in children's therapy."

The 'Suicide Squad' actress tries to meditate regularly and always makes sure she gets a good night's rest.

Asked what the last thing she does before bed is, she said: "I try to meditate every night and every morning, so I'll be on the floor doing this thing called a 'shaky leg' which helps people get to sleep.

"I love sleep - sometimes I'll be out for 12 hours."

Cara doesn't think Hollywood is a particularly exciting or glamorous place.

She said: "It's not that glamorous. It's a lot of smoke and mirrors and it's harder than people think.

"Oh, and it can definitely get a little dull."