A Celine Dion biopic is in the works.

Celine Dion

Celine Dion

Valerie Lemercier will reportedly direct and star in 'The Power of Love', a $23 million music-filled film about the Canadian singer, which is slated for 2020 release from French studio Gaumont.

The superstar and her record company authorised the project and have agreed the production company can have the rights to all her songs meaning the movie will include some for her biggest hits such as; 'All by Myself', 'My Heart Will Go On', and 'I'm Alive'.

The biopic will detail the iconic singer's life from her childhood in Canada to her rise to fame and early career when she was still a teenager, it will also explore the musician's personal relationships including with late manager and late husband René Angélil and her mother, Thérèse.

Valerie decided to embark on the project after being inspired by Celine's strength and determination following the death of her husband three years ago.

She told Variety: "I discovered the strength of their love story and their great humor, and I better understood how the alchemy of their three individual ambitions made an unwanted, little girl the greatest star on the planet."

Gaumont's Cecile Gaget explained that the 54-year-old actress and producer is similar to the artist as she's had a successful career doing one-woman shows at big venues in Paris.

They added: "Valerie Lemercier is impressive onstage. She's a powerhouse who knows how to move and how to dance, and she's an perfectionist and an overachiever in many ways like Dion."

This project is the latest to tell the story of a modern day chart singer, following the acclaimed 'Bohemian Rhapsody', about the late Freddie Mercury, and upcoming 'Rocket Man', about Sir Elton John.