'Selling Sunset' star Chrishell Stause and G Flip plan to hold a wedding ceremony "every single year".

Chrishell Stause and G Flip plan yearly weddings

Chrishell Stause and G Flip plan yearly weddings

The reality TV star tied the knot with the musician earlier this year, and the latter has said they want to celebrate their union in a different place with different people each year.

Speaking on 'The Viall Files' podcast, G Flip said: "We plan to do a ceremony every single year. Why would you just do it once? In different locations with different amounts of people."

They insisted: "You celebrate your birthday once a year and when you're married you're with this person every day, so why don't you celebrate that once a year?"

The 29-year-old Aussie loved everything about their non-traditional Las Vegas wedding.

They said: “Chrishell has already done the big traditional. I'm not big on traditional things. On the day we just picked things from our closet and went through it.

“It was honestly the most fun and beautiful day of my life. It was the most exciting and the best memory I have.”

However, they admit that making their vows perfect was "nerve-wracking".

G Flip - who uses the pronouns they/them - added: "[I was] freaking out about my vows, trying to get that right, because I wanted to say how I was feeling, so I had to tap into my songwriter brain and think of the words of how to describe what I'm feeling.

"So yeah, it was all a little bit nerve-wracking, but it was just so beautiful. And it was just so fun, and it was just so us ... It was really, really cute."

Chrishell started dating G Flip after she split from Jason Oppenheim, her 'Selling Sunset' co-star and boss.

The actress actually confirmed their romance during the reunion episode of the Netflix show.

Chrishell said at the time: "I recently have been spending a lot of time with someone that's very important to me. Their name is G Flip. They're non-binary, so they go by they/them. And they are an extremely talented musician.

"It started because I was just going to be in their video [for 'GET ME OUTTA HERE']. And it's about this chaotic love story. I come from soaps, I love acting. And with the job that we have, I don't always get to do it."

Chrishell also revealed that G Flip changed her entire outlook on love.

She told Vogue Australia magazine: "[It] opened my brain up to the fact that I'm attracted to energy, not whatever physical thing that people have in their head. I don't have a type."

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