Coleen Rooney was "heartbroken" by Wayne Rooney's drink driving arrest.

Coleen Rooney was heartbroken by Wayne's arrest

Coleen Rooney was heartbroken by Wayne's arrest

In 2017, the retired footballer, now 37, was stopped by police behind the wheel of a VW Beetle owned by lettings agent Laura Simpson, who he met on a night out while wife Coleen was on holiday and pregnant with their fourth child.

Speaking in new Disney+ documentary series 'The Real Wagatha Story', she recalled: "I got a phone call and it was Wayne – and you don’t get a lot out of him. You don’t get a lot of information.

"It was just sickening. I’ve had that feeling in my stomach a few times and I would never wish anyone to feel that."

She described her man as a "totally different person" when he's under the influence.

Coleen added: "Wayne just said, 'Sorry, I’m sorry' and I said, 'Well you can’t be sorry because it’s wrong what you’ve done', and I just kept saying, 'You’re stupid, you’re so stupid'. I was just heartbroken."

Elsewhere in the documentary, Wayne revealed he has a secret tattoo to show his commitment to wife Coleen.

The Manchester United legend had his wife's name inked onto his arm after realising early on that their relationship "was meant to be".

He explained: "l knew Coleen was the girl who I wanted to marry, want to have kids with, wanted to spend the rest of my life with, I just knew that was meant to be, us being together.

"That was a feeling I had from a very young age."

When producers asked if he would show the ink to the cameras, the Manchester United legend refused, despite the tattoo being snapped in the past by the paparazzi.

He laughed: "No, no."

Coleen, also 37, added: "He did get a tattoo, he had my name put on his arm. The fact that he got a tattoo, he must have meant it. It showed he was committed."