Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds' marriage was saved by a text message.

Dan Reynolds

Dan Reynolds

The 33-year-old singer "hadn't talked" to his spouse Aja Volkman for seven months and he was "driving to the lawyer's office to sign the divorce papers" in 2018 when his estranged wife sent him a text which "turned [his] perspective upside down".

He wrote: "She said she didn't need to own me to love me. She loved me without expectations."

Dan told how they "ditched the lawyers and went to lunch", and the meal marked a new beginning for the pair.

He added on TikTok: "It felt like the first date again. We called off the divorce."

And the singer explained how the message inspired the group's upcoming song 'Follow You', which is played throughout the clip.

He wrote: "I wrote this song after I got that text."

Dan - who has four children with Aja - previously admitted he and his wife sought therapy to get their relationship back on track after deciding to reconcile.

He previously said: "We've been going through marriage counselling and putting in a lot of work to keep our family strong.

"Fortunately for us, we worked through it. If that hadn't have been the case for us, there's many people before us who paved that route and still raised great kids together or go on to be friends, or whatever it is. Relationships are complex."

The 'Radioactive' hitmaker knows his relationship with Aja isn't "perfect", but says all couples have their flaws.

He added: "No relationship is perfect. Sometimes it doesn't work out and that's okay; sometimes people separate for a little bit and they end up deciding to get back together and that's okay. We have this obsession with perfection right now. I think that's really dangerous because then everybody has false expectations and hopes for this beautiful, perfect marriage or life partner, and it's just going to be perfect - and that's just not the case."

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