Daniel Craig says his spell as James Bond has made him more "trusting" of others.

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig

The 53-year-old actor plays 007 for the fifth and final time in the new movie 'No Time To Die' and admits that playing the iconic spy for 15 years has changed him as a person.

Daniel told SiriusXM: "I was really trying to reflect on this the other night.

"And it's a measurable how much it's changed me... One should change, one should you know, one should examine one's life and once you try and get yourself kind of into another place. But I think about how I, you know, I had a real problem with authority.

"I'm kind of always looking for the kind of, what's the angle. I'm not sure, I'm deeply, deeply suspicious, clearly I, but I'm not so much anymore.

"And I'm weirdly having been through this whole process. I'm much more open, I'm much more trusting in people weirdly."

The 'Knives Out' star also recalled how he received some valuable advice from director Mike Nichols – who he worked with on the play 'Betrayal'.

The star recalled: "(He told me), 'Daniel, don't work with a*******.' And it was, I was like, 'Yeah, yeah, you're right.' And as I got older, I've just gone, 'Yeah, you're really right.'

"Don't work with a*******. If you get a chance and you, and you avoid a**holes, then you can show your best to people and hopefully people can show their best to you."