Daniel Craig thinks being a waiter requires a "persona".

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig

The 51-year-old actor - who is best known for playing James Bond in the money-spinning movie franchise - worked in kitchens and as a waiter before finding success in the film business, but Craig thinks the job demands a very particular type of personality.

Asked whether working as a waiter required acting skills, he told NPR: "I didn't know at first, but yes, it does.

"It takes ... a persona, really. And you need a persona, I'm sure, as most waiters will tell you, just so you can ignore, you know, how rude people are a lot of the time.

"I was full-on silver service, bow ties and, had to do cocktails and do the whole thing. I did that for years."

Meanwhile, Craig recently insisted he doesn't seek approval.

The Hollywood star is widely perceived to be a bit "grumpy", but Craig has insisted he actually loves his job.

Craig - who first starred as Bond in the 2006 hit 'Casino Royale' - explained: "I don't do much to dispel it, because I'd just be chasing my tail to prove that I'm not the person people think I am.

"You know, I probably don't have a particularly good public persona. Some do. Some can go on talk shows and tell stories, but I'm just not wired that way.

"I don't know what to say. I can try, but people would go, 'What's he doing?' They'd go, 'Where is the grumpy f****r?'"

But, contrary to popular perception, Craig claims he isn't actually "grumpy" at all.

He said: "I'm not grumpy. Genuinely, I'm not. I hope you can tell.

"I love what I do. I love this business, and I don't mind talking to journalists. I mean, I don't love it. Yet I don't mind talking about stuff I love. That's easy.

"But I just grew up in an era when, if you were trying to be an artist, you didn't look for approval. You didn't look for likes. You just did your thing. And this? This is what I do."

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