David Beckham is eyeing a £10 million super yacht.

David Beckham

David Beckham

The retired soccer star recently flew to Italy to meet officials from the shipbuilder Ferretti and to check out some potential purchases.

A source in the port of La Spezia told The Sun newspaper: "David was given the full works by senior management.

"Telli is the pride of the fleet and perfect for a family holiday. Below deck the doors open to reveal an internal pool."

David, 46 - who played for AC Milan during his career - also visited Maserati’s plant in Modena, where he viewed its £215,000 MC20.

And the former England captain was wowed by what he saw.

He enthused: "Such an amazing car."

Ferretti confirmed David's visit but the company insisted it wouldn't comment any further in an effort to protect the "privacy and confidentiality of clients".

Last year, meanwhile, a source claimed that David was earning more from playing in a soccer video game than he ever did during his career.

The sports icon - who also played for Manchester United and Real Madrid - signed a £40 million, three-year deal to appear as an 'icon' player in the 'FIFA 21' video game.

An insider explained at the time: "'FIFA' makers EA Sports offered him £30 million over three years but he managed to get a better deal.

"It is a big addition to the Beckham brand and the easiest money he's ever made."

Inter Miami - the Beckham-owned team that recently joined Major League Soccer in the US - also features in the long-running franchise.

He previously took to Instagram to promote the game.

David wrote on the photo-sharing platform: "23 years later… so proud to be back on the cover @easportsfifa #FIFA21 (sic)"

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