Daniel Craig cries at TV adverts.

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig

The 'No Time To Die' actor - who lives in New York with wife Rachel Weisz, their three-year-old daughter and her 15-year-old son Henry - admitted he is easily "moved" by art in various forms and even television commercials can spark an emotional reaction.

Asked his favourite art form, he said: "Gosh. I love all art forms. I love a good show. I love being taken somewhere and I love being fooled. I love to cry, I love to laugh.

"When art does that – and it does, very often, do that to me – I’m moved. It can be music, it can be anything; it can be a commercial on the TV if it’s the right one.

"There was a great British Gas one a couple of years ago that was just this family having a bath. When I watched that I was like, 'Oh my God, it’s so moving.' Maybe because I missed England."

Despite his toned physique, the 53-year-old star insisted he doesn't watch what he eats all the time.

Answering questions from various famous faces for The Guardian newspaper, Daniel said: "Yes, for God’s sake, I do eat greasy fried eggs at least once a week. For sure. They’re my favourite on toast with Worcestershire sauce."

If he wasn't an actor, Daniel would love to work on the water - even though it terrifies him.

He said: "I’d like to be at sea. I’m terrified of the ocean. It’s a fearful place, but also just unimaginably beautiful as well. If I had a choice I would do something where you had to go and be challenged by it.

"A lifeboatman? I always had a fantasy of taking a boat across the Atlantic, but I didn’t really see myself on cruise liners. You can actually do it on cargo ships, I think, as a captain’s guest.

"That is very appealing. To have no light pollution, underneath a canopy of stars, would be spectacular."

Now he's bowed out from James Bond, Daniel doesn't have any definite "plans" in place, but he won't be moving into directing and was emphatic about his disinterest in pursuing a political career.

He said: "Go home, put my feet up, have a cup of tea. I don’t have plans.

"I like acting. Producing is a natural extension; I helped produce these movies.

"Directing always seems to me too much like hard work. I’m not a great spokesman, but I really try to actively involve myself with good causes. Business empires … it’s not my thing.

"And elected office: you must be f****** joking."