Kelsey Grammer thinks Nicholas Lyndhurst will take Hollywood by storm.

Kelsey Grammer will co-star with Nicholas Lyndhurst in the Frasier reboot

Kelsey Grammer will co-star with Nicholas Lyndhurst in the Frasier reboot

The 68-year-old American actor "fell in love" with the 'Only Fools and Horses' star when they starred in a production of 'Man of La Mancha' in London's West End in 2019 and was thrilled to sign his British pal up for a role in the reboot of his beloved sitcom 'Frasier' - which originally ran from 1993 to 2004 - because he thinks his talent is "extraordinary".

Kelsey told Sunday Times Culture magazine: "Nicholas Lyndhurst is co-lead in [the reboot]. Nick and I fell in love when we were doing 'Man of La Mancha' together.

"I warned them in America. I said, 'Wait until this guy gets here. You’ll be doing a scene with him and suddenly you realise he’s just run off with it.'

"He’s an extraordinary actor, a dear friend. And I am so pleased he’s part of it."

Kelsey suggested the new series - in which he will reprise his role as Dr Frasier Crane - will feature "a little bit more silliness" than the original run.

He said: "I don’t go around talking like Frasier. I mean, I sound like him, but it’s not really who I am.

"We’ve found this great group of new writers — and a couple of the old ones — who have a little bit more silliness in them."

Kelsey's original run in the show was blighted by his addiction struggles but he isn't too worried this time round as he has taken a different approach.

He said of playing the role: "He’s like putting on a nice comfortable set of clothes. I came to this one differently. I came prepared to enjoy it. The previous manifestation of Frasier was maybe a little bit much, maybe a little bit too soon. This new one has everything I missed in the last."