G Flip believes Chrishell Stause is the "love of [their] life".

Chrishell Stause and G Flip tied the knot in May

Chrishell Stause and G Flip tied the knot in May

The 29-year-old music star hailed Chrishell, 42, as the "best human in the world" during an album release party.

During a speech at the party, G Flip - who was born in Australia but now lives in the US - told PEOPLE: "It's just pretty nice like having an album release party and so many people being here when you've moved here and you didn't know anyone. So that's pretty f****** nice.

"Thank you for all the support. A lot of you haven't known me for that long, but it really feels like I have family over here, so, and I feel really comfortable being here in Los Angeles.

"That's not the case with everyone that moves to Los Angeles in the creative industry. You know, it can either swallow you up or you can really find a good family and good friends and good people around. And I have a lot of good people around and a lot of good people are in this room."

G Flip - whose real name is Georgia Flipo - was joined at the party by Chrishell and some of her 'Selling Sunset' co-stars, including Chelsea Lazkani and Emma Hernan.

The musician took the opportunity to pay a glowing tribute to Chrishell.

G Flip said: "I love you darling. You’re the love of my life. You’re the best human In the world."

G Flip and Chrishell tied the knot in Las Vegas in May, and the singer subsequently revealed that they now plan to "get married every single year".

G Flip told PEOPLE: "It was probably the best day of my life, and we had so much fun, and it was just super beautiful and super cute.

"It’ll forever be one of the greatest memories of my life. And we're actually planning to get married every single year."

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