Gabrielle was too "scared" and "insecure" to perform with Prince.

Gabrielle turned down the chance to hit the stage with Prince

Gabrielle turned down the chance to hit the stage with Prince

The 'Dreams' star has revealed she was among the guests standing at the side of the stage along with fellow singer Nicole Scherzinger when the late pop icon played a gig in Abu Dhabi in 2010 and he gave both women the chance to join him for a song, but Gabrielle turned him down and she's regretted it ever since.

She told the Guardian newspaper: "Yes [I said no], because I’m a scaredy cat. It was in Abu Dhabi and I was at the side of the stage with Nicole Scherzinger.

"During one song, he wanted us both to come on and sing and dance. I was in awe of him and how gorgeous she was with her amazing vocals, and just couldn’t do it. It was all down to my insecurity. I’m kicking myself now and today I would do it but some things are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

However, Gabrielle did get the chance to hang out with Prince prior to his death in 2016 at the age of 57.

She added: "I did go to a couple of his parties, though. One that night and one in the US. What can I say? He was Prince."

In the interview, Gabrielle went on to open up about her decision to take an 11-year break from the music industry so she could step away and focus on raising her kids - insisting she has no regrets about walking away from her career.

She explained: "I’d been away from my two kids so much, I thought: 'Do they even know I’m their mum?' So after 2007, I took an 11-year hiatus.

"By the time the kids were older, I was ready to come back, and I’ve been able to enjoy touring and everything else from a different perspective, rather than that of a mother who’s constantly worrying."