Girls Aloud star Nadine Coyle’s daughter has been tipped to follow in her mum's musical footsteps by dad Jason Bell.

Jason Bell says his daughter is musical just like pop star mum Nadine Coyle

Jason Bell says his daughter is musical just like pop star mum Nadine Coyle

The 'Love Machine' hitmaker, 38 - who has recently reunited for a tour with her bandmates in the chart-topping noughties girl group - and her retired NFL player ex's seven-year-old daughter, Anaíya Bell, is already writing her own music and it has blown her dad away.

He told the 'Parenting Hell' podcast: “She’s definitely got the music side. Her writing is unbelievable. Her understanding of music, she’s inherited it.

“I think she’ll definitely be on the arts side. I can see her writing music. I can see her going that direction for sure.

“I try to push her into sports, but she always goes ‘I don’t have to like it because you do’, and I was like ‘That’s very, very true’.”

Jason, 45, also gushed over how amazing Nadine is as a mother.

He said: “I always tell my daughter ‘You’ve got the best mum in the world. You’re so lucky’.

“It has just been an honour to have a mother like that for my daughter.”

The pair split in 2019 after 11 years together, but Jason moved in with the pair amid the COVID-19 lockdown to spend more time together.

Nadine previously said of co-parenting with Jason: “What we are doing definitely works for us. It’s all about being supportive and being there for each other.

“Due to Covid-19, Jason has been here for a while. We share Anaíya so we have those rules there for people to be able to parent their children. It’s easy for us to be in the same place.

“We’re very close. I’ve known Jason for 14 years, which is a really long time. We get on great. We eat dinner together and have a lovely time.

“He’s a great father to Anaíya – he’s helping her with school work as we speak.

“Jason and I will always be in each other’s lives."