Grimes shaved her legs for the first time ever this year.



The 27-year-old singer - born Claire Elise Boucher - has avoided undergoing any body hair removal until now, but now she is "rebelling" against her former hirsute body hair.

Grimes admits she finds it "bizarre" that people are so fascinated with her ablutions.

The Canadian star - who has landed her first beauty campaign with fashion mogul Stella McCartney's latest fragrance 'POP' this week - confessed to Teen Vogue magazine: "I just started shaving for the first time this year. I am rebelling against my previous body hair, because now people get mad when I shave my legs. So I'm like, 'I have the right to shave my legs.' I think people policing my body either way is bizarre."

The 'Flesh Without Blood' songwriter has admitted her beauty regime and general cleanliness suffers when she is on tour because things get chaotic on the road.

She said: "I have performed in things that I have slept in.

"When I'm touring I live out of a single suitcase. It's arduous, and it can be stressful if everything is dirty."

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