Cara Delevingne is a "hopeless romantic".

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne

The 24-year-old model and actress - who was previously in a relationship with St. Vincent for a year and has also been romantically linked with the likes of Jake Bugg, Harry Styles, and Michelle Rodriguez - thinks love can "save the world" but isn't sure if she'll ever settle down and get married.

She said: "I love love. I'm a hopeless romantic and I think love has the power to save the world and save all of us...

"But will I ever get married? Who knows? I have no idea."

The 'Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets' actress insists she shouldn't have to "explain" her sexuality and called for an end to labelling.

She told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "I think you should be allowed to be who you are and not have to explain anything.

"More and more, not just young girls but young boys too, grow up struggling with being labelled and for them to understand who they are we have to completely demolish labels; to stop them being put into a box or being someone they are not."

Meanwhile, Cara has 25 tattoos, and though she'd love to have more, she thinks she should "probably stop" before they harm her career.

She explained: "My tattoos are ever growing and they should probably stop at some point, because I have to spend three hours getting made up for a film

"If it was up to me I would be covered in them, so I should probably stop. But they all mean different things to me, whether one is for a person or a time in my life or a memory or a feeling - they all represent something important."

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