Iggy Azalea splashes out her OnlyFans earnings on "cars, boats and diamonds" - and has told supporters she does "pose nude" on the platform.

Iggy Azalea splashes out her OnlyFans earnings on 'cars, boats and diamonds'

Iggy Azalea splashes out her OnlyFans earnings on 'cars, boats and diamonds'

The 32-year-old rapper charges $25 per month to access her subscription service, which is thought to have made her millions, but fans can also fork out more to unlock additional paid content, and the star insists she "doesn't feel badly" about her big outlays.

While hitting back at a fan account suggesting she is on OnlyFans to raise money for her new album, Iggy tweeted: "Please stop making up things to appease others.

I dislike that.

Stop trying to justify what I do with my own body by making this about music.

I’m spending the money on cars, and boats and diamonds.

And I don’t feel badly about it either. (sic)"

Iggy - who recently splashed out on a Rolls-Royce Phantom - also insisted she does pose nude on the platform, but fans have to unlock the extra paid content posts to see such content.

In response to a fan who asked her to "show more" on her OnlyFans, she replied: "Lmao, anyone saying that is broke and hasn’t unlocked the paid content because I pose nude. it’s $25 entry, not $25 for full access. They thought wrong. (sic)"

As well as forking out on boats, cars and diamonds, Iggy is planning to build an aviary in her backyard so she can be pooped on my birds.

She wrote: "I think I’m going to build an aviary in my backyard with a bench inside so I can just relax and get s*****d on by birds. Does anyone else have something like that in their garden and are you enjoying it? (sic)"

When a Twitter user suggested she "start with Parakeets to see if you actually like it", Iggy replied: "I had birds my entire childhood so don’t worry, I know how to care for them and I’m actually already in touch with a husbandry service to maintain it too. (sic)"

In January, the star insisted she "couldn't be happier" and said she was "not playing by anyone’s rules in 2023".

She wrote on Twitter: "The last seven days have been insane, shaking, throwing up, jaw on the floor, life changing.

"And I mean that in an entirely positive way. (sic)

The 'Work' hitmaker previously rubbished suggestions that she'd made more than $300,000 during her first 24 hours on OnlyFans, and said she would never reveal how much she makes from the platform.

She wrote: "I won’t share what I make on OF, in the same way I didn’t share what I

earned selling my music catalog. (sic)"

In November, Iggy revealed she had sold her entire master recording and publishing catalogue to Domain Capital, which was rumoured to have been an eight-figure deal.