Isla Fisher loves “not working” as she’s fixated on being a mum.

Isla Fisher loves ‘not working’ as she’s fixated on being a mum

Isla Fisher loves ‘not working’ as she’s fixated on being a mum

The ‘Wedding Crashers’ actress, 48, who has three children aged 16, 13 and eight with her husband Sacha Baron Cohen, 52, has been making the second series of the Peacock comedy drama ‘Wolf Like Me’, but said she loves staying at home.

She told People about her feelings about being able to get back to work after the SAG-AFTRA strikes that recently crippled Hollywood: “I’ll be perfectly honest. It’s been great to be able to talk about the show again.

“But as much as I love working, I also love not working.”

Isla plays a secretive, newly-pregnant werewolf in ‘Wolf Like Me’ alongside actor Josh Gad, 42, and she shot the show in her native Australia while her family lived nearby.

She added to People: “Motherhood is my favourite topic personally. But (my children) haven’t chosen this (celebrity) life, so I don’t talk about them.

“I think having kids is very transformative in every sense – physically, emotionally and psychologically – and it fills a very large space in my life.

“I love being a mom. So I feel very blessed to do both.”

Isla may prefer home life to work as she has been acting since she was 10.

She said: “My mom taught amateur dramatics. I got to be backstage and stay up late and see all the costumes being put on, and I just got bitten by the bug.”

She spent her nomadic childhood moving around as her dad worked as a banker for the United Nations.

Isla, who was born in Oman in the Middle East, then raised in Scotland before she moved to the UK and Australia, added: “I was in a new school every year. Basically I had to learn to make new friends when you let your inner idiot out.

“My books were my best friends too. I loved reading.”