Jack O'Connell couldn't act if he had children.

Jack O'Connell

Jack O'Connell

The 'Unbroken' actor - who was previously romantically linked with singer Tulisa and model-and-actress Cara Delevingne - is currently single but insists he's in no hurry to settle down and start a family because he isn't currently in a position where he'd be able to take a lengthy break in order to focus on his home life.

He said: "I couldn't imagine doing this job with children. Maybe there will be a quieter period when I've got the luxury of choice, but I don't at the minute. So that has to take priority. Just being fair to myself and my unborns."

The 27-year-old star used to love wild nights out but these days he's happy with a "bland" evening, so long as there is good conversation.

He said in an interview with the Sunday Times Style magazine: "My teenage years were fast and bountiful, but I feel fortunate to have learnt one or two things by my early twenties.

"I'm all right with having a bland night out now. Even if it's a Saturday -- two, three pints and a nice chinwag. It's all about the chinwag. That's what I've come to learn: everything else is just temporary. Chinwags last a lifetime."

Jack insists he has no real feelings about being considered a sex symbol, and thinks it is his characters that people are attracted to, rather than himself in his own right.

He said: "I play characters for a living. If they come across looking like they breathe real air, then sweet. If people want to f**k them as well, sweet -- that's another reaction altogether.

"But really, I don't pay enough attention to feel anything towards it. It's a by-product."