Jade Goody was a "lifesaver" to her sons after she helped put out a fire on a family holiday.

Jade Goody in 2003

Jade Goody in 2003

The television personality - who passed away in 2009 at the age of 27 after suffering from cervical cancer - became a hero to her two young sons Freddie, 13, and Bobby, 14, after the event which saw her throw buckets of water over a bushfire which broke out during a family holiday to Trinidad and Tobago in 2007, and the moment now serves as the boys' "favourite memory" of their late mother.

Jeff Brazier - who is the father of both Freddie and Bobby and split from Jade in 2004 - told MailOnline: "Their favourite memory is sadly one that I wasn't a part of, but irrespective it was a very wonderful, heroic memory for them.

"They were in Trinidad and Tobago and somehow she put out a fire. They recall it very fondly how Mummy was very quick to react to the fact that something was on fire and that she put it out.

"They were young and very impressionable at the time and just thought that was the most incredible thing. They thought 'Wow, my Mum's a lifesaver, she's a firefighter!'

"That's a wonderful memory. That's probably their most valued memory. I'm gonna take them there one day and it will feel special because it was a place that's very special to their Mum."

Meanwhile, Jeff, 38, recently took to Twitter to share a photo of his son Bobby, and said he wished Jade was here to share the "immense pride" he has filled him with.

He wrote alongside the photo: "Look at this boy today. I can't experience immense pride & satisfaction without equally feeling an injustice that Mum isn't here to share (sic)"

And the television presenter is always reminded of his late ex-partner, as he says their two sons each share her key traits.

Asked if the boys are like their mother, he said: "Hugely. Freddie has Jade's energy and vibrancy. He has the same impact on people when he goes into a room that Jade had.

"When Bobby's angry, he can resemble his mum. He doesn't take any crap - he has her powerful nature."