Jamie Lynn Spears' eight-year-old daughter Maddie is doing "better and better" after she was involved in an ATV accident on Sunday (05.02.17).

Jamie Watson's Instagram post

Jamie Watson's Instagram post

Jamie Watson, Maddie's stepfather, took to Instagram on Tuesday afternoon (07.02.17) to provide an update on her health and to thank fans for their support following the dramatic incident at their family home in Kentwood, Los Angeles.

Alongside a photograph of a shirt bearing the words "believe in miracles", Jamie wrote: "Thank you everyone for the prayers. Maddie is doing better and better. Thank y'all so much. (sic)"

In a recent statement, a representative for the Spears family confirmed Maddie is "aware of her surroundings and recognises those family members who have kept a round-the-clock vigil since the accident".

The statement added that although Maddie "continues to receive oxygen" and is still being monitored closely by medical experts, she no longer requires the support of a ventilator in order to breathe and does not appear to "have suffered any neurological consequences from the accident".

According to a police report, the incident occurred when Maddie was driving an ATV and she tried to avoid hitting a drainage ditch by taking a sharp right turn.

Maddie ended up heading straight towards a pond instead where she was submerged underwater for several minutes.

The police report read: "The ATV and child were instantly submerged in the water right before their eyes. Within seconds the child's mother, stepfather and other family members reached the pond, dove in and attempted to rescue the child to no avail.

"The child was trapped and secured by the seatbelt and the ATV's safety netting. Within two minutes, Acadian Ambulance Services arrived and assisted in freeing the child from the cold waters."

Meanwhile, Britney Spears recently asked fans to send their "wishes and prayers" to her niece.

She wrote on Twitter: "Need all the wishes and prayers for my niece."