Jennifer Lopez says she and Ben Affleck “never planned” to get back together.

Jennifer Lopez says she and Ben Affleck ‘never planned’ to get back together

Jennifer Lopez says she and Ben Affleck ‘never planned’ to get back together

The singer, 54, and actor Ben, 51, started dating in 2002 and got engaged later that year, but famously split in 2004 after postponing their wedding the previous year – before rekindling their romance in 2021 and marrying in 2022.

Jennifer said on Australia’s ‘Kyle and Jackie O Radio Show’ about how she needed to “figure herself out” after she and Ben broke up: “I fell in love with the love of my life, and for whatever reasons that we needed to grow and do other things.

“We both went off and had children with other people and other relationships, but you know in my mind I kind of had it like, ‘Oh, that was kind of the one.’”

Jennifer married actor Marc Anthony, 55, in 2004, and the pair had twins Max and Emme, 16, before their split in 2014 – while Ben married actress Jennifer Garner, 51, in 2008 before they split a decade later after having daughters Violet, 18, and 15-year-old Seraphina.

Jennifer added about her time before getting back together with Ben: “I was like ‘I’m good on my own, I’m fine, I love my life.’

“And when you get to that place, I think that’s when the universe kind of opened up to me and was like, ‘OK now you’re ready.’

“I couldn’t believe it and I don’t think he could either. It’s not something we ever planned. We really had moved on with our lives but when we reconnected, it was almost instant and we just knew.”

Jennifer also told how becoming a mum has made her a better person, adding: “I was on a real journey ever since my kids were born… (trying) to be better and figure myself out and be the best person I can be so I can be a great mom and a great example for them.

“Then when I got divorced, it kind of kick-started another phase of me trying to figure out myself and relationships and things like that.”