Jeremy Piven has passed a lie detector test which questioned whether he had "fondled" Ariane Bellamar.

Jeremy Piven

Jeremy Piven

The former 'Entourage' star had previously denied sexual assault accusations alleged by the actress and two other women - Amy Meador and Tiffany Bacon Sourby - and he is now said to have taken a polygraph to try to prove his innocence, and passed all of the tests.

According to The Blast, Jeremy took polygraph tests regarding the three claims, and a blanket lie detector test to determine if he had ever assaulted a woman, and he passed with no signs of deception.

The publication obtained the lie detector test report relating to Ariane's claims, and the document stated it was to "determine if Mr. Piven had ever 'grabbed' or touched Ms. Arianne Bellamar, without consent or otherwise, on the buttocks and/or breast area, while on the set of 'Entourage' and/or at the Playboy Mansion, approximately five years ago (sic)".

The polygraph was administered by a member of the American Polygraph Association with Chapman Investigations on November 13, and saw Jeremy asked questions such as: "Did you ever 'grab' and/or fondle Ms. Arianne Bellamar's breasts? (sic)", to which he answered "no".

He was also asked if he had ever "cornered" Ariane in his trailer "so that you could 'grab' her breasts and/or buttocks?", and if she had ever been in his trailer on the set of 'Entourage', both of which he also answered "no" to.

The concluding notes of the test stated: "After a careful evaluation of all test questions, including relevant, irrelevant and control questions, it is the examiner's analysis and professional opinion that Mr. Piven showed no reactions indicative of deception to any of the relevant questions. The results indicate Mr. Piven "PASSED" as to his answers on all questions."

Jeremy had previously vowed to take such a test, insisting the allegations made against him were "absolutely false and completely fabricated".

In a statement on Twitter, he said: "Let me begin by saying that the accusations against me are absolutely false and completely fabricated. I would never force myself on a woman. Period.

"I have offered to take a polygraph to support my innocence. I keep asking myself, 'How does one prove something didn't happen?'

"What I am not able to do is speculate as to the motivations of these women. As a human being I feel compassion for the victims of such acts, but I am perplexed as to the misdirection of anger with false accusations against me and hope they do not detract from the stories that should be heard. (sic)"

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