Jodie Foster has missed out on "a lot of experiences" because of her fame.

Jodie Foster has discussed her experience of fame

Jodie Foster has discussed her experience of fame

The 61-year-old actress found stardom as a child and Jodie regrets that she didn't have more "pure experiences".

She told Interview magazine: "When I was a kid, I really wanted to go to Disneyland and not be recognised. It’s not that people bothered me and it’s not like I would not respond or take pictures. It was just that I wanted a pure experience.

"There are actually a lot of experiences that I now recognise I missed out on a bit. I don’t think I realised it in my twenties and thirties, but there are pure experiences that I couldn’t have because I bring baggage to the table."

Jodie finds it strange that so many people are so familiar with her, even though they've not actually met her in person.

The award-winning star shared: "When you meet people for the first time they already know you.

"They already know what your elbows look like. They already know what you look like when you cry or scream. It does taint your experience with people. And I guess sometimes I feel - maybe everybody does - a little self-conscious about dancing. Maybe if I thought nobody knew who I was or would remember me, I would just go non-stop dancing."

Despite this, Jodie has always managed to retain her "dumb" sense of humour.

The Hollywood star said: "A sense of humour is my touchstone, and I have a very dumb sense of humour.

"Sometimes with actors, even in the most dramatic circumstances, I like to laugh with them. I like to laugh about really intense things."

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