Joe Jonas' crush once fell asleep on their date.

Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas

The 'Cake By The Ocean' hitmaker recalled how "embarrassed" he was when one of his dates ended up snoozing throughout their whole night out together.

He said: "That was a true story and it was one of those kind of experiences that you can't make up, right? Like, it was so wild that you can't make that s**t up. It definitely was my worst date and I hope it will be my worst date of all time and nothing crazier will happen, you know what I mean? Like, all jokes aside I'm kind of glad that it happened because it makes for a great story, but at the same time, I think I was pretty close to being sent to jail that night. Luckily, one of my most embarrassing moments is also one of my favourites."

Asked if he'd like for the girl to get in touch, he added: "No, and I kind of hope that she doesn't. The story could really be about a few people, [so] if she ever hits me up then I can just play plead the fifth and be like, 'Oh no the story isn't about you.' She wouldn't even remember it because she was asleep the whole time!"

However, Joe has had a string of great dates too and has revealed his favourite thing to do when he's trying to impress a girl is to cook for her at home.

He told Entertainment Tonight: "Best date ever? Probably just me cooking at home. That's always really nice. I think low-key cooking at home is my favourite kind of night. I'm not the greatest [cook] but I can do pretty much the basics.

"But you know, going to the grocery story, picking up the ingredients, and trying your best, that's kind of part of it and even if it's not the greatest meal you've ever had, I prefer nights like that than planning a big extravagant dinner for a dinner date."

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