Joe Manganiello has found it "easy" working with his wife Sofia Vergara.

Sofia and Joe filming Stano

Sofia and Joe filming Stano

The 41-year-old actor stars opposite his 45-year-old spouse in upcoming movie 'Stano' and they had no problems collaborating together.

He told 'Entertainment Tonight': "We're just strong to begin with. It's easy. It's easy when it's the truth."

The movie follows a 19-year-old baseball ace who misses out on a sporting career when he's sent to prison.

Joe explained: "He winds up going to prison for 18 years, gets out and misses everything in his entire life, including baseball," he shared. "And the girl whose heart he broke, he comes back and tries to put his life back together."

The 'Rampage' star recently insisted being married to the 'Modern Family' star wasn't "work" and claimed his relationship with Sofia was the "greatest thing" to ever happen to him.

He said: "The biggest adjustment in marriage? Coming to grips with the idea that someone who is not related to you could possibly love you that much. She was it for me.

"People say things like, 'Marriage and relationships are work'. But it's not. Life is hard. Having somebody to help you deal with it is the greatest thing that ever happened."


Joe isn't the only one who cannot believe his luck after his wife recently admitted she must have done something good to "get that reward".

She shared: "I'm very lucky. I must have done something really right in my life to get that reward ... I'm good but I'm not a very, very good person. But, he's better than me.

"He supports me in everything. I think he realises how important it is for [women to have] opportunities, for women to have [their] own thing going [on]. He always, actually, tells me, he's like, 'You know, one of the things that draws me so much to you is that you were, like, the first woman [who] I went out with that is really, really, like, independent.'

"And I don't need to ask anyone for anything. You know, you want to give it to me, then give it to me. I'm not asking. I receive gifts, but [I don't need them]. And he loves that and, you know, he supports everything I do and it's amazing."