Joe Manganiello has to remind people he is not a professional stripper.

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello

The 40-year-old actor starred as a stripper in the steamy 'Magic Mike' movies, and Joe has revealed he is frequently asked to recreate some of the X-rated scenes from the films by members of the public.

The actor shared: "People always ask me to demonstrate my 'Magic Mike' moves for them.

"I have to tell them I'm not actually a stripper. But that's the fun thing about acting - doing something that really isn't you."

In real life, Joe is married to 'Modern Family' actress Sofia Vergara, and has revealed he travelled across America to go on his first date with the 44-year-old beauty shortly after learning she was single.

Joe, who married Sofia in 2015, told the April issue of Cosmopolitan UK magazine: "I was on a press tour when I found out Sofia was single [after splitting from Nick Loeb].

"My friend is an editor, and told me she was about to make the announcement. I got her number from Jesse Tyler Ferguson [Sofia's 'Modern Family' co-star], then flew to New Orleans to take her on a date."

And Joe marked the couple's first wedding anniversary in November 2016 by writing a book for the curvaceous actress.

The book detailed the couple's dating history and the Hollywood hunk admitted he's still madly in love with Sofia.

He explained: "I wrote her a book as a gift for our first anniversary. It was about how we met, as well as our courting, and was about 40 pages long ... I love my wife a lot."

Last month, Sofia called Joe her "Hindu monk", admitting he has brought a "profound calm" to her.

She said: "Joe is very spiritual and deals with everything very well. I call him my Hindu monk. I'm all, 'Aaaaaaaaahhhhh' and he's like ... nothing."