Joe Manganiello stabbed a snake he thought was invading his house.

Joe Manganiello

Joe Manganiello

The 42-year-old actor was fuming when he saw the slithery reptile making its way towards his home in Beverly Hills, California, when he returned from work one day so, putting his quick thinking cap on, he ran indoors to grab an axe from his stash of weapons, which he's collected from film sets over the years, and plunged it into its body.

Speaking on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon', he explained: "We had some issues heading into 4th of July at my house. We had some snake problems. I live in California and there are snakes because it's like the desert. So there were snakes coming in from my neighbours' yard. Like big, big snakes ... Long, coloured like rattlesnakes. We kept spotting them in the yard.

"So one day I'm driving home, and I pull into my driveway in my truck and I see a huge one going across the driveway.

"My wife and I watch 'Naked and Afraid' all the time and they're always eating snaked with a stick and a machete. And I've kind of watched and thought: 'Could I do that?'

"So I hit the park and I go running in the house. And I have a lot of machetes and tomahawks and katana from all the movies I done and some are gifts. People send me battle axes, fully weighted, that can go through armour. Anyway it's weird. My house, my office, I have a lot of weird stuff.

"Anyway, I go running in and I grab this tomahawk, I pull the cover off and I running through the house. And my wife sees me running outside with an axe. And she started screaming: 'What's happening?' You know, thinking I'm going to go murder someone on our driveway. So I go running out, she comes running out after me in her bathrobe and sees my going after this snake. And she started screaming: 'No it's too short.' "

Joe's wife Sofia Vergara went running back into the house to find a longer weapon.

He explained: "She disappears into the house and comes back with one of my training katanas. Like a sword, a big sword. But it's a training sword so it's not like a real katana. And I'm like: 'That's not sharp enough!'

"So the snake is half way over the wall and I'm up to the waist trying to get this thing with this tomahawk that she feels is too short that the snake will be able to bite me back. So she's in the street now screaming in her bathrobe waving a katana around. And a car stops in the street with this guy behind the steering wheel and he goes: 'Is everything OK?' It's Beverly Hills, it's broad day light. There's a woman screaming with a katana and there's a crazed guy with an axe on the driveway with blood on it.

"We got the snake and my brother could bring over my nieces and kids with him."