Joe Manganiello had the "most incredible adventure" of his life in Iceland.

Joe Manganiello

Joe Manganiello

The 40-year-old actor enjoyed the holiday of his dreams as he headed off to explore the European country.

Speaking about his experience, he said: "I love the outdoors and there are very few places left in the world as unspoiled as Iceland. I wanted to have an adventure. I've never seen anything like this country. These are things that you read in books as a child - you don't think they exist anywhere other than your mind.

"[It was] the most incredible adventure of my life. It started with us finding a Banksy under a bridge next to a black sand beach littered with giant chunks of ice that bent the rays of the rising sun. I suited up for a five-mile kayak across a glacier lagoon full of icebergs and curious seals. Seriously, every day was a series of adventures like that."

And the 'Magic Mike XXL' star would love to do it all again but is looking forward to going back home to see his wife Sofia Vergara.

He added to People magazine: "I'd do everything again [but now I'm going] home to spend some time with my wife."

It comes after Joe revealed he wouldn't be an actor if it didn't "pay the bills".

He explained: "If acting didn't pay the bills, I would do something else. Bottom line is that being a man and provider always came first to me. I wasn't someone who was going to waste their life chasing an unrequited dream because I needed to be seen and heard by other people. I've always believed in myself from the beginning and I've been tested in ways you can't imagine when it comes to my career but I stayed the course because I made a better living at this than anything else I could think of doing."