Rachel Bilson had to leave Taylor Swift's 'Eras' tour early.

Rachel Bilson had to leave the Eras tour early

Rachel Bilson had to leave the Eras tour early

The 41-year-old actress - who has six-year-old Briar Rose with ex-husband Hayden Christensen - had taken her daughter to see the global megastar in concert along with her two friends and revealed the little one was "so mad" when one of her pals fell asleep amid all the excitement.

Speaking on her 'Broad Ideas' podcast, she said: "We left [the Eras Tour] early. Briar’s friend Aria danced her a***off to ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ - she was feeling it - and then just turned around, sat in her seat and passed out.

"Everyone around us was laughing because it was so cute. Briar wanted to stay until the end but her two friends were just done. So we left early.

"Briar was mad about that. She was so mad."

The former 'Hart of Dixie' star went on to add that her brother and stepdad teased Briar about having to miss the end of the concert.

However, she raved about the show itself and admitted that she's "obsessed" with the 'Anti-Hero' songstress.

She added: "[They] were like, ‘Did you stay until the end? The last song?’ And Briar was like, ‘I wanted to!’ I was like, ‘You guys, cut it out, please stop talking about it!' It was so rad. The concert was amazing. Taylor is f****** just, I just bow down. I am obsessed. … It was a really cool experience except that was Briar’s first concert and I’m like, ‘Where do you go from here?’

"For my daughter to see this, I think it’s so rad. It’s one woman, she writes her own s***. She’s really talented and she does it and, like, look at what she’s done. If anything is the most inspiring thing I’ve ever seen. It was just the best thing ever.

"I’ll have that memory forever. And even in the car yesterday I was like, ‘Was this the first song Taylor sang?’ And she’s like, ‘No mom, her first song was ‘Miss Americana.’ It was life-changing [for her]."