Kate Nash is planning to have Queen’s ‘Somebody to Love’ played at her funeral.

Kate Nash is planning to have Queen’s ‘Somebody to Love’ played at her funeral

Kate Nash is planning to have Queen’s ‘Somebody to Love’ played at her funeral

The 35-year-old ‘Foundations’ singer admitted she wanted the 1976 track, written by Queen’s late lead singer Freddie Mercury, at her final farewell as she thinks it will cheer up mourners.

She told NME when asked to name her funeral song: “It would have to be a Queen song – ‘Don’t Stop me Now’ would be really funny, but I think ‘Somebody to Love’ would be the perfect song for my funeral.

“It’s gonna make people happy and there’s no one better than Freddie. It makes everyone feel the same way as well, so I feel like it would be this really celebratory, emotional song about love and I think that’s a beautiful thing to have at a funeral.”

Kate, who dated 42-year-old Ryan Jarman, the lead singer of band The Cribs, from 2007 to 2012, also admitted she can’t listen to “any songs by my ex-boyfriends”.

She said when asked which tracks she found unlistenable: “That’s a hard one. What songs can’t I listen to anymore? You could just put ‘songs by my ex-boyfriends’.”

Kate and Ryan, who met when they were both guests on ‘Later… With Jools Holland’ when they appeared on the show in 2007, were reported to be planning to marry in 2009, three years before Ryan announced in March 2012 they had broken up, partly due to his struggle with anorexia and other psychological problems.

Kate also told NME the song that makes her cry is Brigitte Aphrodite’s ‘Creshendorious’, adding: “She is one of my favourite artists ever. She’s just an incredible poet and she’s this really f****** raw force of a human and artist. “Her art and her words just cut straight to the core. She made this show called ‘My Beautiful Black Dog’, which is about depression – Brie says depression becomes like a frenemy.

“(This song) is about how to describe being in love with someone, but also hurting them and yourself. Every time I listen to her music it makes me emotional because I feel like it’s so evocative and so honest.”