Khloe Kardashian says reliving the demise of her relationship with Tristan Thompson has been "a form of therapy".

Khloe Kardashian compares The Kardashians to therapy

Khloe Kardashian compares The Kardashians to therapy

The 37-year-old star discovered while filming her family's reality TV show 'The Kardashians' that Tristan had cheated on her and fathered a child with another woman and while every moment of her anguish was captured on camera, Khloe says looking back on it now is helping her to heal.

During 'The Kardashians' Disney FYC Screening and Q A, she said: "It's not easy, but it's also, I think, a form of therapy for me at the same time, and I like to see how the rest of my family responds to things.

"Those little things mean a lot to me, and I like to see that stuff, just how the whole family — not about this situation, but any situation — how we all rally around one another in times that are hard for us."

Khloe and Tristan had been in an on/off relationship since 2016 and welcomed daughter True in 2018. At the time Tristan fathered a child with another woman, they were on again.

After the episode featuring the discovery of Tristan's betrayal aired, Khloe tweeted: "We all deserve forgiveness and most of all... LOVE ... Life is full of lessons, teachable moments. We should handle them with grace/love. Even if we are hurt by them."

The star added: "Take ur moment, cry/scream but remain composed remember that Love heals teaches more than anger ever will."

Referring to the onscreen drama directly, Khloe wrote: "This was definitely a tough episode but there's so much beauty in watching how close my family is. We we'll always stick together and love one another deeply (sic)."

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