Kirsten Dunst thinks that being a mother has made her a better actress.

Kirsten Dunst has two children with husband Jesse Plemons

Kirsten Dunst has two children with husband Jesse Plemons

The 41-year-old star - who has Ennis, five and two-year-old James with husband Jesse Pemons - has been in Hollywood for more than 30 years but noticed when she was on set of her latest movie 'Civil War' that her craft had improved since having kids.

She told US TV show 'Extra': "My child turned one on this film, so I really felt like I was really in it still. They make me better at what I do, for sure. I think once you become a mom, you’re just more fearless in life."

The 'Jumanji' star - who plays a renowned war photojournalist in the new drama film - was then asked if she thinks her world perspective changed after working on her latest project and admitted that she just naturally has "anxieties" about the world in its current state.

She said: "I’ve thought about that, way before this movie… It’s just naturally the anxieties of the time we’re living in!"

Meanwhile, Kirsten recently revealed that she needed an actor to play an unnamed soldier in a pivotal scene of the film so persuaded her husband to take on the job.

She told MovieWeb: "It's not a role that he wanted to play. I kind of asked him to play it for us because he's such a brilliant actor!"

The 'Power of the Dog' star worked with director Alex Garland on the futuristic film - which sees a team of journalists travel across the United States during a multiparty Second American Civil War - and explained that she was immediately interested in working with him after reading the script.

She told ScreenRant: "I've been a fan of Alex Garland's since 'Ex Machina', and he makes so few films, and I've read screenplays of his, but never had the opportunity to work with him, so this was an opportunity.