Lamar Odom says he has no idea why he overdosed in 2015.

Lamar Odom says he has no idea why he overdosed in 2015

Lamar Odom says he has no idea why he overdosed in 2015

The former Los Angeles Lakers player, 43, insisted in an interview with TMZ he is clueless about how drugs got into his system at a Las Vegas brothel before he ended up in a coma on life support.

Lamar, who was married to Khloé Kardashian, 38, at the time of his potentially fatal overdose, claimed he only had one drink the night of his overdose and claimed he was the victim of a murder attempt by the late brothel owner Dennis Hof, who died in his sleep at his brothel after a party for his 72nd birthday.

Lamar added when asked why he ended up with drugs in his system: “I don’t know. This is only what I can tell you.

“I went there. I didn’t do drugs that night. I wound up with drugs in my system.”

Lamar was found passed out several days into his stay at the Love Ranch brothel in Crystal, Nevada, and went on to suffer 12 strokes, multiple heart attacks and kidney failure before making a recovery, despite initially ending up in a coma and being put on life support.

When TMZ’s Harvey Levin told Lamar he was reported to have done cocaine during his first night at the brothel, Lamar told him: “There was only one night, as far as I was concerned.

“I got there, had the drink, and woke up three days later ripping tubes out of my neck, not knowing how I got there, unable to speak or walk.”

And when Harvey asked if he was sure he didn’t take drugs, Lamar declared: “As much as I’m positive I’m a black man sitting in front of you.”

The Los Angeles Times reported brothel workers saying Lamar used cocaine on his first night there.

Spokesman for the Love Ranch, Richard Hunter, said the former athlete was discovered with a “bunch” of “white stuff” streaming from his nose, mixed with a “pinkish-red fluid”.

Richard also claimed Lamar had taken 10 doses of a male sexual performance enhancement supplement that works in a similar way to Viagra.

Khloé put divorce proceedings on hold while Lamar recovered, but their split was finalised in 2016, with Lamar confessing a drug binge with another woman during their marriage got so out of control she called his then-wife to ask her to come and help.

Lamar told TMZ: “I’m going so heavy with the drugs that the woman actually gets into my phone and actually calls Khloé like, ‘You’ve gotta come and get him. He’s going crazy, he’s going to kill himself.”