Leona Lewis is reportedly engaged to Dennis Jauch.

Leona Lewis via Instagram (c) showing off what appears to be an engagement ring

Leona Lewis via Instagram (c) showing off what appears to be an engagement ring

The 33-year-old singer and her longtime boyfriend Dennis have reportedly made the next big step in their relationship - which first began eight years ago - as it has been claimed the pair are getting set to tie the knot, after Leona recently accepted his proposal.

According to People magazine, the former 'X Factor' winner subtly showed off her diamond ring in a series of photos and videos posted to her Instagram Story on Monday (06.08.18), although none of her posts - which stay active on the site for 24 hours - confirmed the news beyond teasing glimpses of the sparkler.

The 'Bleeding Love' hitmaker hasn't commented on the speculation, but the report comes just days after the couple celebrated their eight-year anniversary.

On August 1, Dennis shared a collage of pictures of the couple on Instagram, and dubbed his partner as an "incredible human being".

He wrote: "It's been the most beautiful 8 years of my life with this incredible human being. Here's to many more beautiful memories (sic)"

The couple are notoriously secretive about their private life, and whilst they don't often talk about their romance, Leona did admit in 2013 that she was looking to settle down with her beau eventually.

She said at the time: "Things with Dennis are going really good. We haven't talked about marriage yet. It is something I want to do at some point. I did want to get married in my 20s. That was always a weird thing for me.

"I was always like, 'I am going to get married in my 20s!' But now I'm like 'No, no, no. I'm not ready!' I feel like you think you are going to be ready but then you get to your late 20s and you're not ready."

Leona and Dennis, who began dating in 2010, first met which Dennis worked as a backup dancer during Leona's tour.

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