Lily Allen was introduced to Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher as Rita Ora - and was too mortified to disclose who she really was.

Lily Allen was mistaken for Rita Ora

Lily Allen was mistaken for Rita Ora

The 'Smile' singer recalled being in the awkward situation while out in London with friend Mark Ronson when she crossed paths with the Hollywood couple and a staff member came "running up" to her to help her meet the couple, only to confuse her for her fellow singer.

Speaking on her 'Miss Me?' podcast, Lily said: "I went out with Mark Ronson and he'd sort of vanished.

"There was a guy who used to be the maître d' of the Chiltern Firehouse. He came running up to me. I was standing on my own, and to the right of me were Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis.

"He grabbed my arm and said, 'Darling! What are you doing here on your own?' Then he introduced me to Ashton and Mila but called me Rita Ora.

"I went along with it, didn't correct him. I stood there dying inside and didn't have the confidence to say, 'Actually, no, that's not who I am'."

The situation was eventually resolved when Rita's then-boyfriend, Ricky Hilfiger - who she dated for a year until 2015 - came to find the 'Hot Right Now' hitmaker.

Lily continued: "The guy went off, and 15 minutes later he came running over and was like, 'Rita, Rita, I've seen Ricky, your boyfriend. He's looking for you.' "

Elsewhere on the podcast, the 38-year-old singer - who has daughters Ethel, 12, and 11-year-old Marnie with ex-husband Sam Cooper - poked fun at her spouse David Harbour's fashion sense while talking about 90s trends with co-host Miquita Oliver.

Miquita said: "It was fit. I love that look. Go back to that style, just jeans and a citrus coloured polo shirt, oh my god."

Lily replied: "I don't think I could deal with David bopping around in a citrus coloured Ben Sherman.'

"He's very big, like he's hench as in he works out because he's a Marvel superhero now.

"I love my husband dearly - obviously I wouldn't have married him otherwise - but he doesn't quite understand what he's wearing. Does that make sense?"