Lindsay Lohan wants to be a "cool mom".

Lindsay Lohan hopes she's a 'cool mom'

Lindsay Lohan hopes she's a 'cool mom'

The 37-year-old star - who welcomed baby boy Luai into the world in July - appeared at the 'Mean Girls' premiere in New York City this week and offered some light hearted insight into her goals as a new mother.

Asked by People magazine if she identifies as a "cool mom", she laughed: "I hope so!"

She also admitted it is "such an amazing feeling" having motherhood in common with her former 'Mean Girls' co-stars.

Amanda Seyfried has six-year-old daughter Nina and Son Thomas, three, while Lacey Chabert has seven-year-old daughter Julia.

Speaking on the pink carpet, Lindsay told Entertainment Tonight: "I'm part of the mom club now with them. It's great. It's such an amazing feeling.

"I feel great. I feel wonderful. He's coming up on six months."

And the trio - who recently reunited for a commercial based on the iconic 2004 comedy - are still two decades on.

She added: "The three of us are friends. I love Amanda and she's done so well with her career.

"She's such a great actress and Lacey as well. We're good friends and that's what matters most."

Last year, Lindsay's own mum Dina Lohan revealed how excited she is to see her daughter grow into her life as a parent.

She told People: "To watch my oldest daughter with her beautiful son is a memory engraved in my heart forever.

"Lindsay took to her best role ever so naturally... she was always meant to be a mother... God has truly blessed us all with lil Luai.

"As I held Luai, tears of happiness rolled down my cheeks. Badar [Shammas] took to the role of daddy like a pro as well. They are a perfect team."

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